I’m an entrepreneur who enjoys solving wicked hard problems in low-cost and scalable ways. Experienced in leading teams, building and driving strategy and managing growth. I have hands-on skills in product development, design, sales, marketing, research. I have built consumer products used by hundreds of millions of users as well as high scale enterprise solutions that solve big business problems. I have also worked in highly creative incubation and research environments. I believe that being able to learn and grow is the most important skill and I thrive on ambiguity and actively seek opportunities to evolve my skills and my understanding of the world.

I am the Founder and CEO of WeHealth, a public benefit corporation, that helps public health departments, hospitals and universities connect directly with people to give them trustworthy, timely, and actionable recommendations to support healthy communities. Prior to this I was the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Jirav, with a mission to bring financial sophistication to all, Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer at SunFunder, working to bring electricity to the billions of people around the world living in energy poverty, Director of User Experience at Limeade where I helped define the future of healthcare incentive systems. I have worked in research at FUSE Labs at Microsoft Research, the Visual Communication Lab at IBM Research and the University of Michigan. I have also worked on mainstream products with hundreds of millions of users like MSN Messenger and Amdocs.

I am excited by the opportunities at the intersection of society and technology and am the first person in the world with a Masters in Social Computing. I am originally from Bombay where I also studied Computer Engineering. I enjoy mountaineeringparagliding, geocaching, kayaking, and travel.