Personalized Auto-Mix on URGE

So now URGE is trying to close the gap between it’s service and Yahoo! Music Unlimited. I hope it is at least as sophisticated as Yahoo! Advertisements


Good Fun: Indian Soaps

I was just watching “KumKum” on Star Plus on Indian Television through my SlingBox. Boy, I never really watched all that when i was in India, but I really find myself getting addicted to it. Ekta Kapoor sure has something going. It’s good fun.

Microsoft Robotics Studio Released

I had referred to this before and I was eagerly waiting for a release. Well, there you go, Microsoft has released the commercial Robotics Studio (1.0). It is quite exciting and I hope to be able to play around with it some time soon. Yes, you can download it for free for personal use: That means if you are student, …

The sanctity of a complete album

Does having playlists of mp3s in random order mask the “full album” experience that we used to have a not so long time ago? Back in the tape days, I would have complete albums which I would play and get used to – discovering more songs, hearing the artists’ (or music label’s) version of what they value and in what …

Conversations at SI

Him: What was your undergrad major? Me: Computer Engineering. Him: Wow!!! Me: How about you? Him: Psychology. Me: Wow!!! [We both are interested in Human Computer Interaction]

… I love you … Please Repeat?

Me: What time is it? She: It’s 10:48 pm Me: What day is it? She: The date is Tuesday, December fifth two thousand and six. Me: When is my next appointment? She: Tomorrow at 4:30 pm in 2260 USB Me: Play music She: Do you want to listen by genre, album, artist or anything? Me: Artist She: Do you want …


Free copy of Microsoft Office 2007

Zdnet had reported a Microsoft give-away which allowed one to get a free copy of Office 2007 or Vista. I jumped at the opportunity and I completed the requirements and this is what Microsoft has to say: Congratulations! You’ve completed the number of Webcasts or vLabs required to receive a free, fully-licensed copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2007. Once we’ve …