Of Frappuccinos and Best Taste Dates


I was at a Starbucks with a friend recently and he made a very interesting observation. The label on the bottle of Frappuccino had a date which read:
“Best Taste By Feb 12 07”

What do they really mean? Are they saying it won’t taste as good after that date, but I should feel free to drink it? How about adding more dates like: “Not so good taste until Apr 16 07”, “Barely potable after Jun 18 07”, “Toxic after December 10 07”.
Just a thought!

Gender HCI – Is today’s software designed for the male brain?


Trying to catchup with the backlog of isses of Computer magazine I came across this article that talks about gender HCI:

Studies building upon theories and research from several domains investigate how gender differences interact with software.

It goes ahead to speak about how this gender bias in software might be responsible in creating a previously unrecognized hurdle for women interested in problem solving software like spreadsheets and CAD systems. It makes interesting reading.

SecondLife: IBM, CircuitCity and Sears


So as IBM decides to get serious about SecondLife, they start building a Sears and CircuitCity. I paid a visit to CircuitCity and was very delighted at what i saw.

To the left is Sears, to the right is CircuitCity

It looks very cozy from the inside. Clicking on any product on display opens up the browser to display more information on it.

You can watch live streaming video on the television sets that are on display. You can also sit on the couch and watch a nice 40″ flat panel on the wall. You can move the distance of the couch from the wall, to reflect the setting at your own home and the TV screen changes in size to recommend to you what you need for your home.

It’s experimental. You can not yet just pick the object and buy it from within SecondLife. They are still collecting feedback.

I see it catching on soon. We won’t make an overnight shift to the Matrix, but we seem to be getting somewhere there. A more hybrid one for now.