Sameer is a Facebook addict – Michigan Daily


So they did catch wind of this somehow and now the secret is out!

Sameer Halai, a student in the School of Information, said he checks his account between seven and eight times each day.
Halai is a first-year graduate student who plans to join the School of Information’s social computing program. For Halai, Facebook isn’t just a way to keep in touch with friends. It’s also his homework.

It’s an article in the Michigan Daily about the Social Computing specialization in my school. I was interviewed for it and am not sure if I said everything the exact same way as quoted! But yes, I do check Facebook 7-8 times a day!

I am not being a “celebrity”, but I think I have been misquoted :). But what the hell!


Laloo at MIT?


If I am to believe this article in the Times of India, Indian Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav, who is better known for the fodder scam, has been invited by top universities in the US to talk about how he managed to destroy the western myth that “an unprofitable enterprise should be privatised and its employees downsized”.

This might be an interesting talk considering that the Indian Railways is the largest commercial or utility employer in the world with more than 1.6 million employees. I hope the people who did the real thinking behind this get due credit!

Music Subscription Services: Partial Album Catalogues


I do not quite understand at this point what could result in only a partial album to be available through a subscription service. Maybe since this is a Motion Picture Soundtrack comprising of different artists, each of the individual artists is prevented by their labels from being available through particular subscription services. I am glad that each of the subscription services isn’t mutually exclusive though, it would be really bad!