Yahoo! Travel Updated

I am a little disappointed with Yahoo! which seems to sneak in great updates without a lot of buzz being generated around it. For instance, the only way I find out about the fact that Yahoo! Travel has undergone a major revamp is if I look closely at my Yahoo! page. Where are the blogs, the news, the reviews around …


Visualize your WordPress activity using the Many Eyes plugin

Do you want to see how chatty you have been in the blogosphere? Is there a trend in your periods of lull and heavy activity? I wrote a plugin that helps convert information about your blog posts into data compatible with Many Eyes. You can install this plugin onto your WordPress installation and then you are just one click away …

Surface Computing

Do you remember the perceptive pixel video that was up here a couple of months back. Well, Microsoft was involved:


A new paradigm: Social Investigation through Social Networks

Disclaimer: This post makes a reference to the death of a young girl in Mumbai. I never knew her but I wish that her soul rests in peace and I really hope her murderer is found and duly punished. However, this post is about the interesting phenomenon of ‘social investigation’ I have observed around this ‘incident’ (if I may call …


President of India: Get Kalam Back

If you are happy with the wonderful term President Kalam served, you can vote for him to be elected back for another term. I am not sure how influential these votes will be, but there is no harm in voting(?). I do not know Pramodh Mysore, who seems to be running this website; for all I know, he’s a smart …


Rajnikant and Japan

Guess what good old Rajnikanth is up to? He is creating waves in Japan! This is a death-blow to all those Bollywood elite who make fun of his style; he rocks and his fame proves it! Here’s a Rajnikanth poster in a movie hall in Japan You can read more about this on the Economic Times. Interestingly, not so long …

Visualization: Lyricist Sameer’s Word Power

Bollywood’s famous lyrics writer, Sameer , uses the words “gaya”, “main”, “dil”, “pyaar”, “sanam” and “mehbooba” the most! Why am I not surprised! Translations gaya = went (used as an auxillary verb) main = “I” dil = heart pyaar = love sanam, mehbooba = sweetheart