Lively – Google’s Second Life

Update: November, 2008 less tha n6 months after starting the project, Google pulled the plug on this. Advertisements


Adobe: The next hijacker

PDF is the format of choice for floating around documents. I just got a new system set-up and needed to open a PDF file. So I head over to Adobe’s website to download what I have always known to be Adobe Reader. I have done this countless times in the past over the years, but this time around, I am …


SSDs save battery power, right? Wrong.

If you were having a hard time deciding if you should opt for a 4,200 rpm drive versus a solid-state drive on your new ultra-light laptop, the decision could be easier as a myth gets busted. Tom’s Hardware has discovered that SSD drives end up consuming more power than even a performance 7,200 rpm drive. The conclusion is that though …


Cross Over – using Windows apps on a Mac

I have found that the easiest way to run many apps on a Mac is CrossOver for Mac. It’s built on the Wine codebase, but is a much easier and friendly way of installing Windows apps in virtual “bottles” on a Mac. They actively fund the Wine community. It’s funny that most Mac users don’t seem to know about it. …