WordPress auto-updates itself


Having spent years dutifully upgrading to the next secure version of WordPress using the famous 3 (or 4) step upgrade, it’s good to see that from now on it will happen automagically.

I see this dialog in my admin interface.


I click on “upgrade automatically” and I am done!


No more download zip, extract onto server, replace files, preserve the .htaccess file and the wp-content folder etc.


Art of Kissing: Invented in India


This special video on YouTube explores the history of how kissing originated and spread across the world. I had no idea that the earliest recorded history of anything even remotely close to kissing was thousands of years ago in India. An interesting watch. Almost makes the case that kissing is not as much an innate primal instinct as it is an acquired social norm. It’s also funny that the modern day India, that I grew up in, shuns this act and is not publicly permissible. In fact, some organizations in India would have us believe that it is a western attack on Indian morality.

“The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn” begins production



Production on the much awaited Tintin movie has finally started.

“… is being directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Spielberg,  Peter Jackson (that’s right, Peter muthafucking Jackson) and Kathleen Kennedy, and shot in 3-D motion capture by the geniuses at Jackson’s own Weta Digital.  Epic. These men are titans in this genre. This movie. Will be. The shit. …”

I don’t think I can top that quote!

[via shape+color]

FeedFlix: How much does Netflix actually cost me?



If you have always wondered if you are extracting your money’s worth from your Netflix subscription, head on over to FeedFlix. Just “connect with Netflix” and it will fetch your data using Netflix’s APIs and quickly give you graphs like below:


I am paying an average of $0.44 per movie – this includes movies I get as DVDs and those I stream online through my Xbox or Windows Media Center PC. Not bad at all!