Assemble a 11ft iPhone charger for $9


If you are as annoyed as I often feel about the tiny length of the USB cable that comes with the iPhone then you might find this useful.

Instead of dishing out $18 for an extra USB cable from apple, consider spending just $9 buying the following parts off eBay or newegg to make your own charger of any length you please. I find it really convenient when I know I am near an AC outlet and want to just sit and do stuff on the phone without feeling tethered to a wall or the USB port of my computer.

Total = $9.07


New Google already bested by current Bing?



Mashable just reported on the new version of Google by comparing a search for the term “mashable” between the two versions. It appears that they have mixed up the screenshots between the two versions. Correcting for that, here’s their screenshot of what the search results look like on the “new, top-secret” version of Google. Below that is what the search results look like on the existing public version of Bing. When I search for the word “mashable” I am more likely to be interested in tweets by mashable (bing) than in news articles about mashable (google). Seems to me that Bing has a superior results page than Google. It’s real-time enough to also capture the very tweet that mashable made about their story.