Interesting urban geocache in Vancouver


It so happened that a geocacher arrived at a geocache to log a visit. He was dismayed to find that it had been muggled earlier in the day. With the contents gone and no logbook to sign-on, he improvised and decided to write on the remains of the vandalized cache container itself. Since then, many geocachers have been showing up at the site and writing directly on the fake electric box to log their visit. We were in Vancouver recently so we sought it out and logged our visit as well.

 Vancouver 111

Though it’s located in a back alley, I have never seen any geocache which is visible in plain sight from more than 50 feet away!

Vancouver 118[5]


Feed your fish while you are away


We are amateur neon tetra owners. Our main worry since we have had these fish had been how do we take care of them when we are away. You can get 1 week food tablets which can slowly feed your fish over a week. But if you plan to be gone longer than that, what do you do?

It turns out you can just buy a nice and cheap $20 automatic feeder. It can hold 6 weeks of food and can be programmed to feed upto 4 times a day. It also has a setting that during each feeding time it drops food twice � with an interval of a minute between them � to help the slow eaters have a better chance at getting their food.

We tried it out yesterday and it works flawlessly. Now only of we could find another cheap way to automatically change the water once a week without doing any special hardware setup

Here’s a Petco link though it’s much cheaper on eBay.