Why have a button affordance when it’s not a button?


The interface is very non-obvious. Those two squares on the top, “ice” and “water”, have very strong button affordances but they are actually just labels. There is a lot of subtext trying to explain these discrepancies but as a user I conveniently ignored the text and did everything “wrong”. The “buttons” didn’t work, of course 🙂



On top of Mt. Kilimanjaro


We took a longer, circuitous, beautiful path around Kilimanjaro to get to the top. It was colder than we had planned for and the lack of sleep compounded the effort needed. The endless strong wind that ran across the continent became very overbearing after a few hours. But we were there and we saw the glaciers on the roof of Africa. We started the final ascent on the day of our 4th year anniversary.