Google Earth simulation of my hike up to Camp Muir

The hike up to Camp Muir on Mt Rainier is my favorite hike. This is a Google Earth simulation of actual GPS tracks from one of my hikes. Advertisements


Drone video of the WA state ferry unloading and loading

I used a DJI Phantom Vision to shoot this WA state ferry unloading and loading. These are some of the biggest commuter ferries in the world. Leaving as frequently as 30mins it’s amazing that they can take 200 cars and 1,000 passengers on foot.

Outdoor Movies in Seattle 2014 – ical and csv format

Thrillist put together a great collection that lists out all of the outdoor movies screening this summer in SeattleĀ . However, they didn’t offer a calendar format of that data which makes it kinda hard to plan these movies around other things that I also have going on. To make it easy to compare this with other things on my calendar, …

Understanding weather forecast trends for alpine climbing

We were planning on climbing Mt Rainier this weekend and then decided not to. Here’s why. Hidden in the small text changes between the forecast right now (left) and the forecast earlier this morning (right) is the information that the conditions are slightly worse than they initially thought. For optimal climbing conditions – you wanna catch a positive trend in …

Ridge soaring with a Paraglider on Gas Works Park

There’s not a lot of upward winds on the tiny mound that is Gas Works Park. But it’s windy enough that this guy might be on the something. He is able to inflate the glider, get stable, but every time he tries to lift off it finally drops back down. Ridge soaring on Gas Works Park. Can it be done? …

The autosock, an easier, reliable, better replacement for tire chains

It’s always nice to use a product that manages to reimagine a product category and surpasses it. WA state finally made Autosocks legal in 2012 and my wife and I were the first in line to get these. You can put them on in seconds with no effort, tightening, retightening etc needed. They work just as well as chains. You …

Taking stereographic photos with Poppy3d from Kickstarter

Been playing around with my Kickstarter funded Poppy 3D, which is a hardware shell that converts my iPhone into a 3D camera. If you know how to *cross your eyes* to see such stereograms, you will see that the cat below is in 3D. Waiting for a jitter3d plugin to export these images easily from the Poppy app.