Ridge soaring with a Paraglider on Gas Works Park



There’s not a lot of upward winds on the tiny mound that is Gas Works Park. But it’s windy enough that this guy might be on the something. He is able to inflate the glider, get stable, but every time he tries to lift off it finally drops back down.

Reminds me of the time I used to paraglide back in India and it’s a very meditative experience as you sit and patiently wait for the wind to pick up or sometimes just go home if conditions aren’t right. But you typically do this on a high enough ridge. I trained on a 300ft hill and “graduated” to 1000ft ones. That’s hardly nothing for a pro, but I am still at a beginner level.

We are all rooting for him here. May the force be with you.


The autosock, an easier, reliable, better replacement for tire chains


It’s always nice to use a product that manages to reimagine a product category and surpasses it.

WA state finally made Autosocks legal in 2012 and my wife and I were the first in line to get these. You can put them on in seconds with no effort, tightening, retightening etc needed. They work just as well as chains. You can plough through the snow. They have no metal on them. So no damage to the tires or to the roads. Been using these for two years now – there’s no real catch except you gotta take them off when there’s no snow – the hard dry road will do a number on them. But you shouldn’t be driving on dry road with any traction devices anyway.

I highly recommend the Autosock. Get them here (do check the tire size to get the right fit).