Looking at racial dynamics through the lens of majority & minority groups

Let’s ignore specific race for a second. The larger lens to use is majority & minority groups. In any society there will always be a majority group and a minority group.

A person in a majority group enjoys a certain level of privilege. By basic math, they enjoy higher levels of representation. They have easier options for addressing their grievances. e.g. showing up armed or just threatening violence can shut down the government and change policy.

A person in a minority group doesn’t enjoy the same privilege. By basic math, they have significantly lower levels of representation. They don’t have the same avenues for addressing their grievances. e.g. When they kneel peacefully, they are criticized. When they block roads, they are criticized. And very little actually changes.

Fairness requires the rules to be applied differently to the two groups to account for this difference in privilege & representation. Our justice system uses this heuristic all the time. A single parent of two kids in school is shown more leniency for the very same reason.

When the underlying power dynamic is unfair, equal treatment ends up being oppressive towards the minority group. This can often feel counterintuitive to people who belong to the majority group.

This is not about specific race. It’s about majority / minority groups. In a setting where the math of the US demographic is reversed, white people will be the oppressed class.

majority group, minority group

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