Hell in your backyard

There’s a nice little town here in Livingston County and it is called “Hell”. Why is it called Hell? [From Hell’s official Website] The History of Hell Michigan Hell was first settled in 1838 by George Reeves and his family. George had a wife and 7 daughters – no reason to call it Hell yet… George built a mill and …


Customize Outlook View based on SpamAssasin’s tagging

Read on if you use IMAP and Outlook and your IMAP account is configured to use SpamAssasin and it is configured with SpamBox. SpamAssasin can be instructed to put all mails that it tags as SPAM into a different spam folder. If you use Outlook, you might want to review this folder and check for false positives. Since I get …

Auto Show

I had gone to the auto show in Detroit this weekend. So many cars, and shutterhappy me!

Second Life opens its source code

Second Life has decided to open up its source code to get the open source community to work on it and help rapidly expand and enhance it. “There are lots of handicapped people using Second Life. It’s one of the really inspiring things about it,” Rosedale said. “There are a lot of ways of connecting people to their computers, not …

Potential revenge effect: Bird Flu and Tamiflu

Dr. Andrew Singer, of the Center for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) in Oxford, England has pointed out how mass consumption of Tamiflu to combat an epidemic of avian flu can affect the environment and create even deadlier strains of the flu. You can read the full article on Free Internet Press.

Personalized Auto-Mix on URGE

So now URGE is trying to close the gap between it’s service and Yahoo! Music Unlimited. I hope it is at least as sophisticated as Yahoo!

Good Fun: Indian Soaps

I was just watching “KumKum” on Star Plus on Indian Television through my SlingBox. Boy, I never really watched all that when i was in India, but I really find myself getting addicted to it. Ekta Kapoor sure has something going. It’s good fun.