Potential revenge effect: Bird Flu and Tamiflu

Dr. Andrew Singer, of the Center for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) in Oxford, England has pointed out how mass consumption of Tamiflu to combat an epidemic of avian flu can affect the environment and create even deadlier strains of the flu. You can read the full article on Free Internet Press.

Personalized Auto-Mix on URGE

So now URGE is trying to close the gap between it’s service and Yahoo! Music Unlimited. I hope it is at least as sophisticated as Yahoo!

Good Fun: Indian Soaps

I was just watching “KumKum” on Star Plus on Indian Television through my SlingBox. Boy, I never really watched all that when i was in India, but I really find myself getting addicted to it. Ekta Kapoor sure has something going. It’s good fun.

Microsoft Robotics Studio Released

I had referred to this before and I was eagerly waiting for a release. Well, there you go, Microsoft has released the commercial Robotics Studio (1.0). It is quite exciting and I hope to be able to play around with it some time soon. Yes, you can download it for free for personal use: That means if you are student, …

The sanctity of a complete album

Does having playlists of mp3s in random order mask the “full album” experience that we used to have a not so long time ago? Back in the tape days, I would have complete albums which I would play and get used to – discovering more songs, hearing the artists’ (or music label’s) version of what they value and in what …

Conversations at SI

Him: What was your undergrad major? Me: Computer Engineering. Him: Wow!!! Me: How about you? Him: Psychology. Me: Wow!!! [We both are interested in Human Computer Interaction]

… I love you … Please Repeat?

Me: What time is it? She: It’s 10:48 pm Me: What day is it? She: The date is Tuesday, December fifth two thousand and six. Me: When is my next appointment? She: Tomorrow at 4:30 pm in 2260 USB Me: Play music She: Do you want to listen by genre, album, artist or anything? Me: Artist She: Do you want …


Free copy of Microsoft Office 2007

Zdnet had reported a Microsoft give-away which allowed one to get a free copy of Office 2007 or Vista. I jumped at the opportunity and I completed the requirements and this is what Microsoft has to say: Congratulations! You’ve completed the number of Webcasts or vLabs required to receive a free, fully-licensed copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2007. Once we’ve …


Intel 4004

via Slashdot: The Intel 4004 Processor celebrates it’s 35th Birthday and Intel designs a hands-on 130x magnified processor. It also has a Java simulator. Visit the Intel unofficial website for this at http://www.4004.com. Anyone with some basic knowledge in logic circuits and processor design will be able to easily identify all the parts in the schematic. But, 35 years from …