Smriti Irani leaves “Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi”


This is major! Probably old news by now but it’s interesting to know that Tulsi Virani is no more! And it’s very interesting in how they end her:

Tulsi tries to escape from the tunnel, but is not successful as the doctors capture her. Tulsi again makes a valiant attempt to escape from the asylum, she poses as a dead body ready to be taken to the cremation ground? Lady Luck smiles on Tulsi as she gets into a truck, but will this same good fortune end up being her last journey? It seems so, as the driver driving the truck is totally drunk and this proves fatal, as the truck goes down in a valley and blasts..
Burnt parts of the truck and burnt bodies are recovered from the valley. The Doctors find Tulsi?s asylum tag near the accident spot and call Tanya to give the Virani household, this sad news. The three bahu?s enter the accident scene and are horrified to see the burnt remains of Tulsi. They decide to complete the last rites in Omkarnath and this marks the end of Tulsi?s existence in this Flagship serial of Ekta.

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  1. Mrs. Smriti Irani,she is the best actress for Vrinda Mausi’s role in Teen Bahuraniyaan as Janki’s mausi!!I really love her acting and i would like to become her fan!!She is so beautiful and perfect too!!!!Smriti ji Rocks!!!!

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