People swimming inside an energy reactor: Stable Diffusion AI to

I had tried a similar prompt to evaluate Dall-E earlier. So wanted to see how Stable Diffusion worked for it. The difference here is that all these images were created locally on my machine (not in the cloud). It’s getting easier and easier to run advanced AI models with limited technical knowledge thanks to workContinue reading “People swimming inside an energy reactor: Stable Diffusion AI to”

Testing how DALL-E layers on to prior art

DALL-E is quite impressive and it’s been fun to see all the different images it has been conjuring up. I am still on the waitlist but a few friends have access to it. One of them helped run a couple of queries on my behalf and it was quite interesting to see the result. SoContinue reading “Testing how DALL-E layers on to prior art”

AI to re-colorize old photos and videos

Some very promising projects that are re-colorizing old photos and videos. A project called De Oldify has shared some very impressive results. DeOldify is a state of the art way to colorize black & white images. You can try it right now by visiting the free Google Colab notebook for photos or video. The notebooksContinue reading “AI to re-colorize old photos and videos”

Wall Street Journal offers an AI tool to create iconic hand-drawn portrait

The Wall Street Journal is famous for these beautiful hand drawn portraits. They just released an AI tool for their members to convert their headshot into these iconic portraits. They don’t look as good as the hand drawn ones but good enough for how it works. Here’s what mine looks like. What do you think?Continue reading “Wall Street Journal offers an AI tool to create iconic hand-drawn portrait”

Training Neural Networks to Design TypeFaces

The next 10yrs are going to disrupt a lot more things than anyone can imagine. Design already needs to use AI to keep up with the exploding contexts and use cases they find themselves designing for. This is an example of how previously career jobs are getting replaced with neural networks that can learn allContinue reading “Training Neural Networks to Design TypeFaces”

Design is being disrupted by AI

‘Infrastructure’ is something whose value becomes apparent only when it breaks down. The developed world only notices electricity, water, Internet when the supply/service is disrupted. 30yrs ago, very few people used computers or the Internet. Today, almost all work is influenced/ affected by digital manipulation of data. It’s infrastructural. Humans add most value doing tasksContinue reading “Design is being disrupted by AI”