Covid Watch, an open-source, non-profit, decentralized contact tracing solution, needs more volunteers


As some of you might know, I’ve been working with my friends Victoria Lee, Isaiah Becker-Mayer, Jo Sanders on Covid Watch, a decentralized, privacy-first, contact tracing solution led by Tina White and others.

Widespread testing and Contact tracing is one of the best options we have for moving things towards the normal again. The key issue with other contact tracing solutions is privacy, risk of surveillance and abuse, or lack of adoption / usefulness.

Covid Watch came out of Stanford, Waterloo et al and is the inventor of the first decentralized, anonymous Bluetooth protocol that is now used by the global TCN coalition. It also advocated to Apple & Google to make this a part of their OSes and that’s exactly what is happening soon. We already have an app ready to go based on an OS update that is coming to all phones soon.

Covid Watch is in very advanced talks with public health departments around the world and is about to start pilots to evaluate the tracing protocol in the field and to identify last mile integration with health department and manual contact tracing systems. We are one of the only solutions that so far along that preserves full anonymity, while still scaling contact tracing; and our solution puts the user in full control of every aspect. e.g. it is similar to how your phone can keep track of your daily steps, but you have full control on which app can access it and can also see transparently exactly what that data contains at any time.

Covid Watch is fully open source and is a non-profit.

100+ volunteers are already working on this and we need more people to join. Things are moving very fast and the growth is more exponential than any startup I have ever seen. If you have the time / capacity / interest, please check out the link below

Covid Watch – A Stanford affiliated Contact Tracing app that I’m volunteering at


Hi all, as you might know, wide testing and contact tracing are the two ways we can hope to return to normalcy soon. I’ve been volunteering for this project along with some other folks that you might know as well!

It’s called Covid Watch. It is completely private and anonymous and uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to create a device-only, anonymous network of all other Covid Watch devices you come in significant contact with.

When anyone tests positive, they can report those results anonymously and you get notified that you may be at risk due to some anonymous exposure in the last 14 days and that you should consider self-quarantining and getting tested.

No data is stored on the cloud, no one but you can access it, it doesn’t need GPS to work, and you are in full control of your information.

It’s affiliated with Stanford, is set up as a non-profit and is part of the TCN coalition that brings together all the tracing efforts happening all over the world.

We are looking for more volunteers, especially folks who can help with legal work, fundraising, video production, animation etc.

Check it out and welcome to reach out or ping me if you have any questions: