Does money make you mean?


When we look around us, if we see human beings who are wealthy, remember that science proves that there is a strong bias that they are going to be selfish, mean, and be some level of a jerk. Then we should look for what are the things they do that compensate for that scientifically proven bias. If we can’t find any compensatory behavior, which is often they case when work is all they focus on for example, then it is easy to conclude they really might be jerks.

Here’s a very good video they summarizes some amazing research on how you and me are all subject to these biases depending on the context we find ourselves in.

Comparing Fox News & Washington Posts coverage of the same story


Fox News article on the left. See the headline. It actually links to the Washington Post article on the right as its source. See that headline. And if you read the article it says the US actually ranked 19th on risk and vulnerability to biologial threats. And if you look at the report it does show that the US has higher scores, but countries are grouped into cohorts, and none of them are considered to be fully prepared.

No wonder we are literally living in two different worlds of sense-making. Best is maybe both sides should read news from both sides. That way we can reduce our blind-spots and demand better quality and accountability from our primary sources?