Traffic sounds in a Rickshaw in Mumbai: Binaural 3D Audio


I captured the sound on this video using two separate microphones in the field. This simulates how the human ear hears sounds. This is called binaural audio and it creates a deeply immersive, spatial experience.

Please put on your headphones and then hit play. Without headphones you won’t be able to hear the spatial 3D audio.


Testing binaural audio


I am trying out a new technique for capturing audio in the field. This involves putting one microphone inside each one of my own ears. These two microphones then capture independent audio tracks which is an exact reproduction of the sound waves hitting each individual ear.

The shape of the ear coupled with the fact that my own head gets in the way of some of the sound waves, results in a very unique audio signature that my brain then uses to recreate a spatial interpretation of the scene around me.

I tried uploading to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube but the audio channel was not being reproduced. Turns out it was getting re-encoded as a mono sound track, and just being repeated on each channel rather than preserving the original independent tracks.

So here is the raw file on my own server. Put on some headphones and play this video. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!