Using a camera in snowy conditions

I used to use my Canon in very extreme conditions and it just kept working. I have switched to Sony in the last few years and it’s too delicate to be exposed to the elements. And it’s also hard to use with gloved hands. I wonder if my current camera’s limitations has made me adjustContinue reading “Using a camera in snowy conditions”

Finding the Beauty in Failure: at the summit of Mt Hood in Oregon

Elevation: 10,600ft / 3,200m Standing just below the summit of Mt Hood in Oregon, we are looking up at the climbers making the final approach. This is one of my favorite pictures. This is a picture of me not summitting Mt. Hood in Oregon. We had been training for the whole season. Mt Hood isContinue reading “Finding the Beauty in Failure: at the summit of Mt Hood in Oregon”

Turn around at Mt Baker summit

We attempted a late season climb of Mt Baker in Washington state. We were not experience enough to be just a two-person rope team – so that was kinda stupid. But we were quite risk averse in other ways. When we realized that the sun was beating quite hard and the snow bridges were beginningContinue reading “Turn around at Mt Baker summit”

Alpine Climbing Equipment

Alpine Climbing Equipment When going out into the backcountry, one has to be prepared for all kinds of weather. The goal is to read the weather and understand the conditions in advance and avoid running into a bad weather window to begin with. But it’s all a probability and everything helps in making sure youContinue reading “Alpine Climbing Equipment”

Mt Stuart Quadcopter Aerial Video

I climbed Mt Stuart recently. It’s so ragged and awesome I still can’t believe I actually made it up to the summit with that crazy 4,000+ ft exposure on the north side. I took my drone with me to the summit but it was too windy to use it there. So I desended 300ft andContinue reading “Mt Stuart Quadcopter Aerial Video”

Understanding weather forecast trends for alpine climbing

We were planning on climbing Mt Rainier this weekend and then decided not to. Here’s why. Hidden in the small text changes between the forecast right now (left) and the forecast earlier this morning (right) is the information that the conditions are slightly worse than they initially thought. For optimal climbing conditions – you wannaContinue reading “Understanding weather forecast trends for alpine climbing”