Disinformation via Anachronistic Juxtaposition


Usually when someone asks for their own tweet to be prevented from being reshared it’s a sign of Streisand Effect.

The Streisand effect is a phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide, remove, or censor a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet.


I think Twitter has enabled a new phenomenon where an old tweet, retweeted after a period of time where the larger context and headspace is no longer the same, it takes away the original meaning of the tweet. This is the same as when we sometimes see people share links from 5 yrs ago and the headline somehow seems relevant to what’s happening now but it ends effectively being disinformation.

Let’s name this phenomenon: Disinformation via Anachronistic Juxtaposition

What do you think?

How our insecurities and fears are being exploited.


How our insecurities and fears are being exploited.

2008 – economy crashes, a lot of people lose a lot of things, shakes the foundation of society all around the world

2011 – occupy Wall Street, an explosion of frustration with Wall Street. The Democratic government at the time fails to respond in any meaningful way, for very compelling reasons, but it causes many people to lose trust

2015 – People start to think “Democracy has failed. It’s time for a change”

sharks smell blood. finally, a chance to destroy the world order from the inside

Stage 1: Amplify “democracy has failed” message. Make people lose faith in government.

Stage 2: Find genuine things that people are unhappy about and amplify them so that they can’t see any good anymore and it appears that everything is falling apart : civil rights, racism, war, guns, immigrants, etc

Stage 3: Identify the outlier candidates on both sides and start bolstering them to implode the democratic machinery from the inside out.

Stage 4: Pit the two against each other and amplify their differences further “socialists will destroy the country”, “corruption will destroy our democracy”

Sit back and watch as the country keeps moving apart and government is unable to function.

Stage 5: As the influence and stabilizing effect of the most effective and transparent democracy in the world diminishes, swoop in and start assimilating power and influence. They will be too distracted fighting each other to even notice.