Using a mirror effect on drone footage

I was out on a hike recently with my folks and took some drone footage of the area. I decided to try out a mirror effect on the drone footage and it came out rather nice. This is a first rough cut at it on a low resolution version of the footage. The entire thingContinue reading “Using a mirror effect on drone footage”

Flying a drone from a moving truck on the Oregon Coast

I’d never flown a drone from a moving car. So when we were on the Oregon coast a few months ago, Jenna was driving slowly while I was standing on the bed of the truck trying to fly the drone. We did a few takes, driving forward and backwards. Here’s a cut from the footage.

The Russian Woodpecker in Chernobyl

I was recently in Ukraine and I decided to visit Chernobyl. I did not know anything about this giant antenna system, the “Russian Woodpecker” until I got here. And it’s incredible. In 1976 the world heard for the first time the eerie woodpecker-like repetitive pulse coming from these transmitters in present day Ukraine. Conspiracy theoriesContinue reading “The Russian Woodpecker in Chernobyl”

My drone pic of a solar farm in Rwanda featured in the USAID Act on Climate Calendar 2016

So Audrey Desiderato and I happened to be in Kigali in Rwanda. And we had a drone. We asked around to see if anyone knew of a solar installation that would look good from the air. And someone connected us with the first utility scale solar project in E Africa! This is the very firstContinue reading “My drone pic of a solar farm in Rwanda featured in the USAID Act on Climate Calendar 2016”

Mt Stuart Quadcopter Aerial Video

I climbed Mt Stuart recently. It’s so ragged and awesome I still can’t believe I actually made it up to the summit with that crazy 4,000+ ft exposure on the north side. I took my drone with me to the summit but it was too windy to use it there. So I desended 300ft andContinue reading “Mt Stuart Quadcopter Aerial Video”