Mumbai University x2: Sam Pitroda


Due to an increasingly large student population attending college, the Universities in India are tightly packed and competition is at an all time high. National Knowledge Commission chairman Sam Pitroda made a “wild” suggestion – why not run the University in shifts – that would automatically double all capacity. Start the day at 6:00 am and end it by 3:00. Start another shift at 3:30 and end it at midnight. This is a low cost of way of increasing capacity since we would be reusing a lot of the infrastructure.
Mumbai University has taken this suggestion seriously and is working out how this can be practically implemented – for starters they found that this would increase the capacity by 60% rather than 100% since not all courses would demand 2 shifts.

Sam PitrodaI didn’t know Sam was the chairman of the National Knowledge Commission. I am glad he is. The right person, at the right place, at the right time. We can not forget how he was instrumental in facilitating the Communication Revolution in India. I hope we see something good become of our education system as well. I do like how the system has finally realized that being adaptive and responsive to the industry is very important for a University.