Pandemics bring “click-bait” & “fake-news” to science

So have you been as confused as me as to why the US rejected the COVID tests that Germany and others were willing to send to us in February? Turns out there was one research paper that claimed that those tests were not accurate enough to be useful. Based on that we rejected the testsContinue reading “Pandemics bring “click-bait” & “fake-news” to science”

Deepfake videos in Indian elections, what does it portend?

Here’s how it has kinda evolved: In the early days you had to speak on a stump to connect with your voters. Then you had access to a megaphone to make your voice travel further. If you wrote and published your writings, you could always have help to polish it up, or even have someoneContinue reading “Deepfake videos in Indian elections, what does it portend?”

The fake IMAX at Lincoln Square in Bellevue

Thought you saw star wars in an IMAX? They cheated you. IMAX are ruining their brand and deceiving their advocates. For those that want to know, here is a map of known "real/fake" IMAX screens, based on screen size and aspect ratio. A green marker indicates a "real" IMAX screen, meaning a screen that isContinue reading “The fake IMAX at Lincoln Square in Bellevue”