SSDs save battery power, right? Wrong.


If you were having a hard time deciding if you should opt for a 4,200 rpm drive versus a solid-state drive on your new ultra-light laptop, the decision could be easier as a myth gets busted.


Tom’s Hardware has discovered that SSD drives end up consuming more power than even a performance 7,200 rpm drive. The conclusion is that though SSD’s improve performance (read/write throughput), they don’t seem to lend well to “road-warriors” for whom every milli-ampere of battery juice is very valuable.

[via Engadget]


Microsoft Zune – A new social experience?


So Microsoft has finally declared that the Zune will be priced at $249. They make a bold statement there on the press release:

“On Nov. 14 we’re delivering not only a device, but a shared, social experience that will be shaped by the collective imagination of consumers,” said Chris Stephenson, general manager of global marketing for Zune. “We’re infusing the spirit of discovery and sharing into everything we do — from the experience we crafted around the device and service to pre-loading music and videos on every device to expose people to something new.”

We will only know for sure once we experience it, but this sure has me all excited. So now you know what I want for Thanksgiving.