Becoming an Estonian e-Resident

Almost six years ago, I became one of the first people in the world to be an Estonian e-Resident 🙂 I had to physically go there to get finger-printed and prove that I was biologically alive, and after that I got an e-identity tied to it which allowed me to transact within Estonia’s (and partiallyContinue reading “Becoming an Estonian e-Resident”

Understanding Variances based on Sample Sizes

Every now and then you read something that really furthers your understanding of the world around us. I read this fascinating piece in the book by Howard Wainer: Picturing the Uncertain World. The specific chapter I read was called “The Most Dangerous Equation” where he discusses De Moivre’s equation. It’s quite a bite to chew on andContinue reading “Understanding Variances based on Sample Sizes”

Outdoor Movies in Seattle 2014 – ical and csv format

Thrillist put together a great collection that lists out all of the outdoor movies screening this summer in Seattle . However, they didn’t offer a calendar format of that data which makes it kinda hard to plan these movies around other things that I also have going on. To make it easy to compare this withContinue reading “Outdoor Movies in Seattle 2014 – ical and csv format”

Ridge soaring with a Paraglider on Gas Works Park

There’s not a lot of upward winds on the tiny mound that is Gas Works Park. But it’s windy enough that this guy might be on the something. He is able to inflate the glider, get stable, but every time he tries to lift off it finally drops back down. Reminds me of the timeContinue reading “Ridge soaring with a Paraglider on Gas Works Park”

Taking stereographic photos with Poppy3d from Kickstarter

Been playing around with my Kickstarter funded Poppy 3D, which is a hardware shell that converts my iPhone into a 3D camera. If you know how to *cross your eyes* to see such stereograms, you will see that the cat below is in 3D. Waiting for a jitter3d plugin to export these images easily fromContinue reading “Taking stereographic photos with Poppy3d from Kickstarter”