Japan’s online social scene isn’t so social

MSNBC has an interesting story on the differences in how social networks are used in Japan as compared to the US. Welcome to Japan’s online social scene, where you’re unlikely to meet anyone you don’t know already. The early promises of a new, open social frontier, akin to the identity-centric world of Facebook and MySpaceContinue reading “Japan’s online social scene isn’t so social”

What’s that under my skin – an RFID?

I have always been very excited about this but have been putting it off. However, the IEEE doesn’t want to let us on-the-edge engineers rest in peace – they went ahead and dedicated an entire issue of Spectrum magazine on embedding RFIDs inside human bodies. Reading about the experiences of the few people who haveContinue reading “What’s that under my skin – an RFID?”

Gender HCI – Is today’s software designed for the male brain?

Trying to catchup with the backlog of isses of Computer magazine I came across this article that talks about gender HCI: Abstract: Studies building upon theories and research from several domains investigate how gender differences interact with software. It goes ahead to speak about how this gender bias in software might be responsible in creatingContinue reading “Gender HCI – Is today’s software designed for the male brain?”