Apple Watch & Boarding Passes

So I checked in to my Lufthansa flight last night on my iPhone which ended with the boarding passes being added to my Wallet on my phone. This morning, when I arrived at the airport and swiped up on my Apple Watch screen, the boarding pass was already there!.When I swiped into it I couldContinue reading “Apple Watch & Boarding Passes”

iPhone vs Foursquare: comparing what they know about me

One of the biggest technology news this week has been the announcement made by Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden, researchers at O’Reilly, that theiPhone keeps a log of every location you have been to over the past one year and more. One could argue that it isn’t really news but it definitely is a rudeContinue reading “iPhone vs Foursquare: comparing what they know about me”

Assemble a 11ft iPhone charger for $9

If you are as annoyed as I often feel about the tiny length of the USB cable that comes with the iPhone then you might find this useful. Instead of dishing out $18 for an extra USB cable from apple, consider spending just $9 buying the following parts off eBay or newegg to make yourContinue reading “Assemble a 11ft iPhone charger for $9”