Testing Covid Watch on the Pacific Crest Trail

I am Head of Product at Covid Watch. We have been working very hard to get the Covid Watch app out in the hands of the general public. I took this weekend to test it out in the mountains and it works really well! Can’t wait to have everyone try it out. Stay tuned. WeContinue reading “Testing Covid Watch on the Pacific Crest Trail”

FaceId on iPhone X tested in mountaineering gear

I was blown away by something unexpected this weekend. I looked like this but the FaceId on My iPhone X recognized me each time I looked at it! I didn’t really expect it to detect my features but it kinda makes sense as the glasses block UV and visible light but FaceId uses IR light.Continue reading “FaceId on iPhone X tested in mountaineering gear”

Turn around at Mt Baker summit

We attempted a late season climb of Mt Baker in Washington state. We were not experience enough to be just a two-person rope team – so that was kinda stupid. But we were quite risk averse in other ways. When we realized that the sun was beating quite hard and the snow bridges were beginningContinue reading “Turn around at Mt Baker summit”

Seattle is the sum of the city and its surroundings

Seattle is a growing city with a lot to offer with all its wilderness parks, great restaurants and bars and nightlife. However, just 25 miles in any direction, you experience things I always thought you would need a vacation to access. My wife and I have internalized the Seattle lifestyle and incorporated a lot ofContinue reading “Seattle is the sum of the city and its surroundings”