Outdoor Movies in Seattle 2014 – ical and csv format


Thrillist put together a great collection that lists out all of the outdoor movies screening this summer in Seattle . However, they didn’t offer a calendar format of that data which makes it kinda hard to plan these movies around other things that I also have going on. To make it easy to compare this with other things on my calendar, I manually scrubbed the list and put it together in a spreadsheet.
And then I made it available as  XML, iCal and HTML versions if anyone wants to subscribe/add this to your own calendars. Enjoy!

Seattle Outdoor Movies 2014

“The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn” begins production



Production on the much awaited Tintin movie has finally started.

“… is being directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Spielberg,  Peter Jackson (that’s right, Peter muthafucking Jackson) and Kathleen Kennedy, and shot in 3-D motion capture by the geniuses at Jackson’s own Weta Digital.  Epic. These men are titans in this genre. This movie. Will be. The shit. …”

I don’t think I can top that quote!

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FeedFlix: How much does Netflix actually cost me?



If you have always wondered if you are extracting your money’s worth from your Netflix subscription, head on over to FeedFlix. Just “connect with Netflix” and it will fetch your data using Netflix’s APIs and quickly give you graphs like below:


I am paying an average of $0.44 per movie – this includes movies I get as DVDs and those I stream online through my Xbox or Windows Media Center PC. Not bad at all!


Joost is the new TV


I have tried Slingbox and I have tried Democracy TV. Joost is different. Community features, high quality programming, full screen smooth video. It’s a joy, a pleasure. I was captivated for hours as I kept watching show after show with a numbed, retarded expression on my face. The PC is the TV now and I am loving it.
And did I mention how cool the interface is? Check out these screenshots:
Joost NatGeo

Joost NatGeo

More screenshots
Note: click on the images to see the full size. When was the last time you saw free streaming internet video of that resolution? It’s a joy that even my Slingbox doesn’t provide despite a 3MBPs connection at both ends thanks to the low upload bandwidth of ADSL.
Note 2: It’s not yet open to general audience, you need an invite to get started.

Rajnikant and Japan


Guess what good old Rajnikanth is up to? He is creating waves in Japan!
This is a death-blow to all those Bollywood elite who make fun of his style; he rocks and his fame proves it!
Here’s a Rajnikanth poster in a movie hall in Japan

You can read more about this on the Economic Times.
Interestingly, not so long while ago, I was one of the young Indians who was crazy about the Japanese Superhero Giant Robot! .
Trivia: Another Bollywood star who was hugely popular in another country was Raj Kapoor. Also, Chunky Pandey is almost worshipped in Bangladesh. But nothing comes close to the demigod status of Rajnikanth in India! Mind it!

Update: Here’s an embedded video of Rajnikant. Now you see why he is God.