19th Amendment: Women’s Right to Vote Scarf

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Jenna designed these bandannas/scarves that have the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution printed on them. It’s important to remember that it was only 99yrs ago that women earned the right to vote in the US!You can order one here on Amazon.

10% of all profits are donated to the League of Women Voters.


Some things we can do to work together as a society


We can respect each other as humans and still call out behaviors and actions we disagree with. If we let egos get in the way we stop listening to each other.

We can acknowledge the good we see in each other. Positive reinforcement is the only sustainable way of influencing behaviors and opinions.

We can work to identify the values and principles we can all agree on. We can’t have any meaningful discussions without maintaining a common ground.

We can understand that we all often agree on the end goals while being disproportionately affected by the rate of change and the steps we take towards achieving them.

We can ask our selves how we can make the world better for ourselves *and* for those around us. We are too connected to not have a holistic approach to solving our problems.

We can recognize that rather than trying to eliminate our differences we have to learn to celebrate them and integrate them into how we live and grow together.

President of India: Get Kalam Back


If you are happy with the wonderful term President Kalam served, you can vote for him to be elected back for another term. I am not sure how influential these votes will be, but there is no harm in voting(?). I do not know Pramodh Mysore, who seems to be running this website; for all I know, he’s a smart Indian using this as an opportunity to mass-collect email addresses :). But well, I would like to see if online voting can somehow be influential in the normal democratic process we have. So go over to the site and vote!
President of India
Note to citizens of other countries: India uses the parliamentary model of democracy where the Prime Minister is the main executive in the Government. The President mainly presides and has limited powers but is an influential figure nonetheless.