Kayak 11 miles from Seattle to Kirkland and back

We love kayaking in Seattle and have been going to agua verde paddle club for many years. Last year I was the mayor of Agua Verde on Foursquare. We almost always go towards Lake Union because we like the views and really like getting close to all the houseboats around the water. Last week weContinue reading “Kayak 11 miles from Seattle to Kirkland and back”

Visiting Jigsaw Renaissance – a maker space in Seattle

I had been planning to do this for a while and finally got around to visiting Jigsaw Renaissance which is a maker space in Seattle. They have recently moved into a really cool historical building and Lion gave us a fun tour of all the spaces and the very interesting basement. The building owners areContinue reading “Visiting Jigsaw Renaissance – a maker space in Seattle”

Are people really moving into Seattle?

Forbes recently published a visualization based on IRS data which shows where Americans moved between 2008 and 2009. You click on the city name that you are interested in and it shows you a dense sets of lines showing migration paths. Red lines show that there was a net number of people moving out whereasContinue reading “Are people really moving into Seattle?”

The 27 stamps of Seattle Public Library Passport

To mark the completion of the 10 year Libraries for All program that resulted in 27 new and remodeled branches all around Seattle, the Seattle Public Library created a Passport project to encourage people to visit all the branches and experience how they function to serve each neighborhood in the city. Starting September 13, 2008,Continue reading “The 27 stamps of Seattle Public Library Passport”