Drone pics of beyond grid solar from the early days of SunFunder

While spring cleaning, found these picture from the SunFunder early days! These were all shot with a drone (or a series of drones 😂) to document the beyond grid solar opportunity. The one on the top-left was used by the Associated Press and also made it into a USAID calendar. SunFunder

Solar financing startup in Africa to finance tech startup in San Francisco

This picture is from exactly 5 years ago. I shot it in Kenya, around 5 hrs from Nairobi. I was visiting a solar micro-grid installation that brought electricity to this remote area that was too far from a grid. This is the time I started to see how many high-impact things can often feel veryContinue reading “Solar financing startup in Africa to finance tech startup in San Francisco”

The makeshift SunFunder India HQ office

Spent the last month in Africa visiting our partners and seeing SunFunder’s impact on the ground (that will be a long exhaustive blog post of it’s own). Enroute to India, developed an abscess in my hand that required urgent surgery under general anesthesia. Spent the last 4 days recovering from the African infection in aContinue reading “The makeshift SunFunder India HQ office”