Easy way to confirm if your 5Ghz router is set to the right channel

Do you have a Mac? Turn off your router On your Mac, press the alt/option ⌥ key and click on the WiFi 📶 icon Select “Open Wireless Diagnostics …” Ignore the dialog that opens up In the bar on the top go to Window > Scan It will show you all the WiFi networks aroundContinue reading “Easy way to confirm if your 5Ghz router is set to the right channel”

Three symptoms of the problem with Surface RT

Ballmer is reported to have said recently that Microsoft built more Surface RTs than it can sell. I think there are three symptoms of the product that hint at some of the reasons why it didn’t do as well as expected. It’s called Surface RT Seriously, you are betting the future of your company onContinue reading “Three symptoms of the problem with Surface RT”

Facebook: stop worrying about sharing, live your life, leave the rest to us

Facebook launched the Like button 18 months ago and it has had a huge impact on how people browse and share information and form associations with other entities. Within days websites had integrated Facebook social plugins which made it super easy to feed stuff back to Facebook and share with your friends in a frictionlessContinue reading “Facebook: stop worrying about sharing, live your life, leave the rest to us”

Google Gears: Browser up, OS down!

We all knew this was coming and it has finally come. The final problem of offline access to web-based services has been addressed by Google Gears which was released last week. Today, I saw the first instance of it being available to the end user via the Google Reader. You can have consistent, transparent accessContinue reading “Google Gears: Browser up, OS down!”

What’s that under my skin – an RFID?

I have always been very excited about this but have been putting it off. However, the IEEE doesn’t want to let us on-the-edge engineers rest in peace – they went ahead and dedicated an entire issue of Spectrum magazine on embedding RFIDs inside human bodies. Reading about the experiences of the few people who haveContinue reading “What’s that under my skin – an RFID?”

Microsoft Robotics Studio Released

I had referred to this before and I was eagerly waiting for a release. Well, there you go, Microsoft has released the commercial Robotics Studio (1.0). It is quite exciting and I hope to be able to play around with it some time soon. Yes, you can download it for free for personal use: ThatContinue reading “Microsoft Robotics Studio Released”