Fix for Wifi issues on a Mac (Yosemite)

Since the Yosemite upgrade to OS X, I have been facing lots of WiFi issues on my Mac. As I go from home, to cafe, to airport, to train, to cafe etc I notice that my connection just stops working. I kept blaming the public wifi routers until I realized that many times the issueContinue reading “Fix for Wifi issues on a Mac (Yosemite)”

Alpine Climbing Equipment

Alpine Climbing Equipment When going out into the backcountry, one has to be prepared for all kinds of weather. The goal is to read the weather and understand the conditions in advance and avoid running into a bad weather window to begin with. But it’s all a probability and everything helps in making sure youContinue reading “Alpine Climbing Equipment”

Soylent – Food as a Service (FaaS)

Soylent. I am calling it Food as a Service (FaaS). Because you pay $9 for 2000 calories of full nutrition, no compromise food with no prep time, planning needed. Absolutely beats resorting to fast food, ramen noodles etc. Also, it can potentially help address global malnutrition by at least playing a complementary role to other efforts. IContinue reading “Soylent – Food as a Service (FaaS)”

Understanding weather forecast trends for alpine climbing

We were planning on climbing Mt Rainier this weekend and then decided not to. Here’s why. Hidden in the small text changes between the forecast right now (left) and the forecast earlier this morning (right) is the information that the conditions are slightly worse than they initially thought. For optimal climbing conditions – you wannaContinue reading “Understanding weather forecast trends for alpine climbing”

Inside a crevasse on a glacier

I have been alpine climbing since February this year. Every weekend has been learning some new skills, practicing them during the week, lectures, reading books and homework and then trying them out for real. All the months of training leads to this big day – Crevasse Rescue. I had practiced this on grass and insideContinue reading “Inside a crevasse on a glacier”