Using a mirror effect on drone footage

I was out on a hike recently with my folks and took some drone footage of the area. I decided to try out a mirror effect on the drone footage and it came out rather nice. This is a first rough cut at it on a low resolution version of the footage. The entire thingContinue reading “Using a mirror effect on drone footage”

Editing spherical videos with GoPro Max and GoPro Quik

🎥 GoPro Max (360) has this easy to use editor that lets me create dynamic flat videos from spherical videos ☺️ The way it is shot is a fixed sphere that moves with me as I move. Then while the video is playing in the editor I can “point” the 2D viewpoint to any partContinue reading “Editing spherical videos with GoPro Max and GoPro Quik”

AI to re-colorize old photos and videos

Some very promising projects that are re-colorizing old photos and videos. A project called De Oldify has shared some very impressive results. DeOldify is a state of the art way to colorize black & white images. You can try it right now by visiting the free Google Colab notebook for photos or video. The notebooksContinue reading “AI to re-colorize old photos and videos”

Sunset Timelapse in San Francisco Bay w/ Song by Brit Benjamin

If you know me you know I enjoy shooting timelapses. I shot this one recently and was trying to decide what soundtrack to use to it. Then I came across the song “Sea you later” by my friend Brit Benjamin and it went so perfectly with it! What do you think?  

Shooting the lava flows in Hawai’i in 4K HDR

I spent several hours near the volcanic lava flows in the Big Island of Hawaii. I am trying to share those videos in 4K HDR and it’s been fascinating to learn how hard it is to access today as different OSes and devices will render a different variant depending on various factors. Here’s the 4KContinue reading “Shooting the lava flows in Hawai’i in 4K HDR”

Mt Stuart Quadcopter Aerial Video

I climbed Mt Stuart recently. It’s so ragged and awesome I still can’t believe I actually made it up to the summit with that crazy 4,000+ ft exposure on the north side. I took my drone with me to the summit but it was too windy to use it there. So I desended 300ft andContinue reading “Mt Stuart Quadcopter Aerial Video”

Tracking the Tunak Tunak Tun Meme

A hilarious series of adaptations of the original video of the song “Tunak Tunak Tun” by Daler Mehndi. All credit to Aanjo for finding and emailing me these videos and making my day 🙂 The original song: The American version with two guys: The Romanian version with four guys:   And finally the version withContinue reading “Tracking the Tunak Tunak Tun Meme”