Physical hygiene for coronavirus, digital hygiene for misinformation


For Coronavirus: practice physical hygiene

  • wash your hands
  • sneeze / cough in your elbows
  • when in doubt whether something is important enough to to do, stay home
    This will help reduce the harm to ourselves and others

For Misinformation: practice digital hygiene

  • check your sources
  • control your anger, fear before exposing others to your thoughts
  • when in doubt whether something is worth sharing, don’t share
    This will help reduce the harm to ourselves and others

A virus is a just a piece of information


A virus is simply a piece of information. A piece of information that enters our body and makes it do things that is not in its best interests.

When the threat is tangible and indisputable – people are actually dying – we all suddenly come together on ideas that we struggle to otherwise agree on:

1) we need to screen everyone entering the country
2) we need to pay for the healthcare of others
3) we need to sacrifice some our freedoms and liberty for the better good of everyone else

The reason we are so unprepared for this virus is because we have all collectively chosen to ignore the intangible viruses – misinformation, distrust, ignorance, anger, etc – that were setting the stage all these years.

A fashionable take on face masks for virus & smoke protection


Living here in California, the past few years have had long cycles of wildfire smoke that has made it very hard to breathe. I have tried a few face masks and they help, but they are not always very comfortable and they also look a little too doomsdayish.

Trust the Europeans to design and develop a fashionable alternative. These look more like neck gaiters – in fact they are neck gaiters – so you can just have them around and your neck like a scarf and then also pull them up to cover the nose.

I just ordered these and haven’t tried them yet so not sure how they live up to the expectations. Will update this post once I have some thoughts on it.

Update: I have it now and tried it.

The Arctic Virus: a book idea


We have both been quite sick, just like a bad cold, since we came back from the Arctic.

This gave me a crazy book idea:
Two people get infected by some Arctic virus. Viruses can often control the “host” behavior to improve their chances of survival and this virus makes them suddenly care a lot about the Arctic. They unknowingly spread the virus in the lower 48 and other parts of the world and suddenly everyone starts to care about the Arctic and starts working on mitigating climate change. This virus ends up saving the world!

The book cover