Testing how DALL-E layers on to prior art

DALL-E is quite impressive and it’s been fun to see all the different images it has been conjuring up. I am still on the waitlist but a few friends have access to it. One of them helped run a couple of queries on my behalf and it was quite interesting to see the result. SoContinue reading “Testing how DALL-E layers on to prior art”

One of the most useful charts for tracking COVID-19

This is one of the most useful charts I have found to easily track the trends. Exponential events have to be seen in logarithmic scales and the thing we want to watch is not just the absolute numbers of cases but the growth rates. When the growth rate goes below zero we will start toContinue reading “One of the most useful charts for tracking COVID-19”

iPhone vs Foursquare: comparing what they know about me

One of the biggest technology news this week has been the announcement made by Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden, researchers at O’Reilly, that theiPhone keeps a log of every location you have been to over the past one year and more. One could argue that it isn’t really news but it definitely is a rudeContinue reading “iPhone vs Foursquare: comparing what they know about me”

Religious stereotypes visualized using Web Seer

Blame it on the Voices covered a venn diagram published by reddit user prateekmi2 today which shows the search terms that people use for different religions on Google search. It exposes the different words associated with different religions and the common words are equally interesting. Web Seer is another visualization tool built specifically for comparingContinue reading “Religious stereotypes visualized using Web Seer”

Are people really moving into Seattle?

Forbes recently published a visualization based on IRS data which shows where Americans moved between 2008 and 2009. You click on the city name that you are interested in and it shows you a dense sets of lines showing migration paths. Red lines show that there was a net number of people moving out whereasContinue reading “Are people really moving into Seattle?”

Do you monitor your energy consumption?

Puget Sound Energy uses Energy Guide to provide very interesting analytical tools to see your energy consumption. It’s similar to tools by Google and Microsoft, both of which do not work with my PSE account. I hadn’t noticed this visual before which compares our energy consumption with other similar dwellings in the area: I amContinue reading “Do you monitor your energy consumption?”

Long exposure shows Roomba cleaning path

If you have been following my tweets, I am a big Roomba fan. I have been quite fascinated by the way the Roomba seems to get every part of the room, detects corners to spend more time and energy there etc. The user manual that comes with it tries to explain that the seemingly randomContinue reading “Long exposure shows Roomba cleaning path”

Why I love my Saturn Ion: A visual graph of my MPG

We have a 2004 Saturn Ion. Check out the awesome MPG we get on it: This is real data. From actual data points my wife and I have painstakingly recorded each time we fill up. The spikes in the chart above correspond to road-trips. You can tell by the nature of the spikes that weContinue reading “Why I love my Saturn Ion: A visual graph of my MPG”

FeedFlix: How much does Netflix actually cost me?

  If you have always wondered if you are extracting your money’s worth from your Netflix subscription, head on over to FeedFlix. Just “connect with Netflix” and it will fetch your data using Netflix’s APIs and quickly give you graphs like below: I am paying an average of $0.44 per movie – this includes moviesContinue reading “FeedFlix: How much does Netflix actually cost me?”