Visualize your WordPress activity using the Many Eyes plugin


Do you want to see how chatty you have been in the blogosphere? Is there a trend in your periods of lull and heavy activity?

I wrote a plugin that helps convert information about your blog posts into data compatible with Many Eyes. You can install this plugin onto your WordPress installation and then you are just one click away from creating a visualization that looks like the one below:

According to my stats, I’ve been very active in the August of 2005! How about you?

You can download the Many Eyes Data Exctractor plugin from here.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Unzip to your wp-contents/plugins directory
  2. Login to to your WordPress admin area – usually <your-blog-uri>/wp-admin/
  3. Click on Plugins and activate the Many Eyes Data Exctractor plugin
  4. Click on Manage
  5. Click on the Visualize tab