Time Lapse of Mt. Rainier visibility from Kerry Park in 2012

Mt Rainier from Kerry Park

Visibility of our surroundings is a key aspect of the experience of a place. I live in Seattle and one thing everyone here is obsessed with is Mt. Rainier. It’s common to hear the phrase “The mountain’s out”. How many times in a year can you see Mt. Rainier from Seattle? Some people claim that it’s a “few days a year”. This time-lapse shows that in 2012 you could see Mt. Rainier a total of minimum 83 times. That translates to once every 4-5 days.

Since I am only looking at pictures taken at exactly 3pm every day, the actual number of times you can see the mountain at least once is definitely higher if you consider other times of the day you get a peek at it.

Pictures taken by the awesome folks at Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. I recently found out about them but am in no way affiliated to them. Watch their visibility camera here: http://www.pscleanair.org/airq/visibility/default.aspx

I wrote this simple perl script to grab the images from the website and then actually used iMovie to put them together and manually added the counter.

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