I started using this camera in 2018. Prior to this, I had the previous generation Sony A7RII. These Sony cameras are very next-gen. The sensors are a class apart. However, they are still quite lacking in the ergonomics department. 

DJI Mavic Pro

I have used DJI drones for a while and been through several versions. My current one is the DJI Mavic Pro. I’m amazed at how they keep getting better. I’m quite happy with the size, weight, battery life and the photo and video quality. I highly recommend it.  

Limeade User Experience

Integrated Agile UX processes into the monthly sprint cycles to hypothesize, validate and reduce risk in design iterations of the product. Facilitated a design and innovation focused culture with user centered processes. Modern, visual, fun user experience with responsive and fluid layout to make incentive programs easy to understand and enjoyable to use. The keyContinue reading “Limeade User Experience”

Dotastic – Fuse Labs

Social to-do list/challenge platform for using peer pressure to get things done. Points, social interactions and photos for a compelling fun experience. Released as an iPhone app (using PhoneGap) and a Windows Phone app. I was the PM on this app and worked with an awesome team including Greg Melander, Flynn Joffray, Nathan Roberton, CraigContinue reading “Dotastic – Fuse Labs”

SOCL Video Parties – Fuse Labs

Connect over shared interests expressed through beautiful post collages that take seconds to create. Managed Video Parties for massive real-time synchronous video watching experiences around shared interests. Worked with an awesome team that included Todd Newman, Stephen Coy and Flynn Joffray. So.Cl was in beta for a year and was finally released publicly in 12/2012. CheckContinue reading “SOCL Video Parties – Fuse Labs” – Fuse Labs

Microsoft Office on the web deeply integrated with Facebook pages and groups with instant personalization and frictionless collaboration. I was the PM on v2 of this project and worked with Andrez Turski and Shelly Farnham and we also authored this ICWSM paper.

Visualizing Foursquare Checkins across venues

I was curious to see what checkin data looks like when aggregated across multiple venues of the same type. I put together this site which has some pre-configured venue-sets and depending on the URL used, they can either be viewed independently or be compared across multiple ones.