A “flux” view of the world

It’s important to remember how the world changes and why. It is always changing and it continues to change. Borders, boundaries, peoples, rights, wrongs – a “flux” view is the only optimal way to understand it all.

This is what America was around 1500 AD (yes, that’s only 500 years ago!).

I am an immigrant here and I came less than 20 years ago.
Europeans are immigrants here, and they all came in the last 500 years.
Native Americans are also immigrants here, but they all came in the last 50,000 years (this part is still being actively researched).
We all are about a 300,000 years old species.
The earth is about 5 billion years old.

Who has the “right” to be where and why? Should we ask the glaciers and the mountains and the forests and the animals here if they want any of us here? 😇 What would they say if we could hear them?

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