• Experiencing Macchu Picchu in National Geographic’s VR
    So I have been to Macchu Picchu in person, doing the whole 4 day Inca Trail hike. But I just revisited it via VR using National Geographic’s experience and it felt more intimate. Maybe the fact that it was just me and no one else there. And that I was able to experience a digital reconstruction overlaid onto the buildings. And I had a virtual digital camera with me inside the experience. I used that to take this picture. It was quite meta (now I understand better why they chose that name)! I have a referral link from Oculus forContinue reading “Experiencing Macchu Picchu in National Geographic’s VR”
  • Theory: Musk interest in Twitter is about crypto
    Update 28th Apr 2022: Balaji also sees this angle and here’s his suggestion to Elon to do a coin drop to all users Musk is one of the smartest people alive. His ability to see long term and execute towards it is inspiring. Which is why I have been baffled by his interest in Twitter for “protecting free speech.” Watching him speak at Ted last week, it became quite obvious he actually hasn’t put a lot of thought into that aspect of his interest. “Bring the edit button” and “make the algorithm more transparent” etc are just not the kindContinue reading “Theory: Musk interest in Twitter is about crypto”
  • Drone pics of beyond grid solar from the early days of SunFunder
    While spring cleaning, found these picture from the SunFunder early days! These were all shot with a drone (or a series of drones 😂) to document the beyond grid solar opportunity. The one on the top-left was used by the Associated Press and also made it into a USAID calendar. SunFunder

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