• Super Blue Moon rising over Lake Michigan, Chicago
    I got this picture from on-board a boat on Lake Michigan. This was the closest the moon will be to the earth in a while. The next time the moon will come this close will be in 2037! I’m not entirely sure what kind of optical illusion(s) caused it to look like a mushroom cloud: … Read more
  • Sunrise Reflecting off the Government Metropolitan Building in Tokyo – Timelapse
  • Memorial Day Thoughts
    🇺🇸I had only been in the US one year when I went back to India for a short trip. On my way back to the US I was wearing my blue Michigan hoodie with the big golden M on the front. In my mind I was still feeling more Indian, reflecting on the trip as … Read more
  • Documenting California Precipitation 2023: Full Lake Folsom and Snowcapped Sierras
    The effect of all the precipitation in the past 5 months in California can be easily seen in this pic. That’s Folsom Lake. That tree has been on dry ground for the past few years when you could hike up to it just walking on the lakebed of rocks and pebbles. Now a good chunk … Read more
  • Mt Shasta juxtaposed with our consumerist selves
    Mountains can be teachers. They can show us our place, help keep our ego in check, and give us the dose of awe we need to stay grounded. We were driving back from Mt Lassen when we stopped for a coffee and from the parking lot of a Starbucks I caught this view of Mt … Read more
  • Why I now believe that Bitcoin introduces catastrophic systemic risk rather than mitigating it
    I have been a very strong believer in Bitcoin. First for transactions. I even sold a robomop to someone on Craigslist back in 2014 and got paid in Bitcoin for it. I used the first Bitcoin ATMs in Belgium and Amsterdam to withdraw my BTC in Euros in 2015 and really believed BTC was going … Read more
  • People swimming inside an energy reactor: Stable Diffusion AI to
    I had tried a similar prompt to evaluate Dall-E earlier. So wanted to see how Stable Diffusion worked for it. The difference here is that all these images were created locally on my machine (not in the cloud). It’s getting easier and easier to run advanced AI models with limited technical knowledge thanks to work … Read more
  • Testing how DALL-E layers on to prior art
    DALL-E is quite impressive and it’s been fun to see all the different images it has been conjuring up. I am still on the waitlist but a few friends have access to it. One of them helped run a couple of queries on my behalf and it was quite interesting to see the result. So … Read more
  • Using a mirror effect on drone footage
    I was out on a hike recently with my folks and took some drone footage of the area. I decided to try out a mirror effect on the drone footage and it came out rather nice. This is a first rough cut at it on a low resolution version of the footage. The entire thing … Read more
  • Golden Gate Bridge TikTok Style Video
    Was recently driving around the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and decided to create a TikTok style video of it.
  • Experiencing Macchu Picchu in National Geographic’s VR
    So I have been to Macchu Picchu in person, doing the whole 4 day Inca Trail hike. But I just revisited it via VR using National Geographic’s experience and it felt more intimate. Maybe the fact that it was just me and no one else there. And that I was able to experience a digital … Read more
  • Theory: Musk interest in Twitter is about crypto
    Update 28th Apr 2022: Balaji also sees this angle and here’s his suggestion to Elon to do a coin drop to all users Musk is one of the smartest people alive. His ability to see long term and execute towards it is inspiring. Which is why I have been baffled by his interest in Twitter … Read more

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