A night in a Brooklyn warehouse via Airbnb

Airbnb opens up so many unique options to find a place to live in a new place that it’s really hard to ever consider staying in a hotel again. Case in point this awesome warehouse loft that I spent the night in when I was in NY last week. I was in Boston for work and decided I really wanted to get my NY fix – even if for a day. On my way over in the bus, I checked Hotel Tonight and found some nice hotels in Manhattan ranging from $225 – $400. Then I checked Priceline and Kayak and saw similar options. I could’ve bid and maybe got something for around $150. But none of the options sounded appealing. So I looked up Airbnb. I also decided I wanted to spend my night in Brooklyn because that would force me to go there – otherwise I never end up making my way over. I reviewed some listings but the one that I found intriguing was this warehouse loft.



It was $90 a night, inclusive of everything and it turned out to be just perfect. Here’s the review I wrote for it:

As expected, no surprises. Very quiet and peaceful and appreciate Trevor’s attention to detail and hospitality. It’s minimalistic, but do you really need more? It was a great sensory experience – especially since I was coming from days in a Hyatt back in Boston. Why waste time and money in a hotel when you can experience an edgier, different atmosphere? Very safe too! Very close to the subway I was able to get to it from Penn Station in 35 mins. Trevor is quick, provides good instructions and the rooftop is really something to experience! Wonder how many locals ever get to see that view.

8 thoughts on “A night in a Brooklyn warehouse via Airbnb

  1. Hello Sameer,
    May I know where do you find the booking link of this place again? I am currently looking for a location for music video shooting and this place seems perfect. If you can kindly offer the link or owner’s contact information that will be awesome. Thanks!


    1. Hi. The host has removed his listing, but I have his contact info. I can send him a note and ask him to contact you if he is interested. Hope that works!

  2. Hi Sameer,

    My name is Sarah Oh, a filmmaker/producer based in NYC.
    I am currently producing a short film titled “Antarctica”, a Columbia University MFA thesis film. We are looking for a loft location to film in and was wondering if you can share with me the owner’s contact info for the loft you mentioned in your post, “A NIGHT IN A BROOKLYN WAREHOUSE VIA AIRBNB”.

    Thanks for your help!


    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any other place 🙁 Will keep an eye out and update this post if I find something. Good luck!

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