A remote surgery use case for “fast lanes” over Internet

Let’s say a skilled surgeon is physically based in Boston. She needs to perform a surgery in Dallas.

The technology already exists today for some surgeries to be performed over the Internet. But for this to be reliable, she needs to guarantee that her internet connection has very low latency. She already pays for a very fast connection but that simply guarantees bandwidth, not latency. She is willing to pay extra to make sure she gets the latency she needs. In fact, it’s a legal and compliance requirement for her to make sure she has a high bandwidth and low latency internet connection when she performs surgeries.

Her neighbor doesn’t care about latency as much, and doesn’t want to pay for low latency when all he wants to do is stream large amounts of video that mainly requires high bandwidth.

Their ISP uses the same connection between them. But depending on their Internet plan, and/or the services being used, the surgeon’s Internet packets are prioritized over the tv watchers’ internet packets to guarantee she can do her work.

Should this be allowed?

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