Apple – the PUP company

Some sites still make me use Quicktime to watch video content. But, Apple thinks that I am too dumb to realize this, but I need iTunes too. I know Apple thinks that because it forces me to download iTunes if I try to install Quicktime. Not only that, it thinks I need to have a constantly running AppleMobileDeviceService, an iPodService and and iTunesHelperService.


Anytime I end up with software on my computer that I don’t want to startup automatically, I use msconfig to disable it. That has always worked for me with most programs from non-malware companies. So I do the same with Apple. But, no. The programs keep starting up on their own even after I set them not to.


The only way to do that is to go to services.msc and "disable" the process.


This is very annoying. And then Apple goes ahead and sneaks Safari onto my computer which violates it’s own EULA. You have angered too many people this time, Apple!

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