Blogging through Journler!

I really liked Windows Live Writer and I miss not having it on the Mac! I am using Journler for now and it looks very promising but I would really like to be able to copy-paste an image into my post and have the publisher upload them to the server in the background!

[Update: I am liking Ecto



One thought on “Blogging through Journler!

  1. Hello Sameer,
    I am trying to reach you!! I am a recruiter with Variant Partners. I am looking for Usability Auditors to work for a client in Ann Arbor (full time, perm positions). I am looking for people who have a HCI degree and perhaps 1-2 years of experience. Call me 734-769-1720 ext or email me back. Sorry to send this to you but I couldn’t find an email or phone #. Thanks!! Corina

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