Celebrating Failures

Isn’t it odd how little time we devote to talking about failure? ☺️ We are often so focused on succeeding that we end up thinking that failure is a bad thing. But failure is literally the stepping stone to success. If we never fail, how will we ever succeed? Reality actually is quite neutral – we get to choose what dots we want to connect, we get to choose what patterns we want to see, and we get to choose the narrative we care about. I have never had fear of failure because I have never seen failure as a bad thing. I have always enjoyed failures as much as I have enjoyed successes. I see fails as growths. And I see successes as dead ends. The tries and the interplay is what life is all about. Failure only happens along a few dimensions at worse. But reality is multi dimensional. It’s quite literally impossible to truly fail. Everything is always adding up to something. And when we take the time to step back, we can see it very clearly. The dimensions only stop unfolding when we give up looking for them.

For every mountain I have summited, there are 10 I have not summited. And I have learned and grown the most when I have turned around without summiting. I have failed to summit so many times. But have I failed at succeeding or succeeded at failing?🤔

[throwback to 2014: whenever possible, I try to document my failures with as much pomp 😛 as my successes ]

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