Documenting the difference that properly fitting trousers can make

This is embarrassing but a totally true story. A few years ago I was visiting my team in Poland. I travel light and only had one pair of pants. They got caught in something and tore on the way there. I had no time to try and fix it as I had to rush to all day of meetings. As the day progressed the tear got bigger. By evening it had become large enough that you could “see inside”. But all the stores were closed by then so I couldn’t get a sewing kit or buy new pants.

We had back to back meetings and dinners all week. I had no time to fix the pants nor buy a new pair. By day 4 I couldn’t wear them anymore. So I started showing up to work in my pajamas. If you think people on the street assumed I’m some homeless bum, you are right. Just look at me on the left. Totally a homeless dude. But the shiny, expensive-looking leather boots 🥾 threw people off. I would get a lot of stares. I would literally see people’s expressions shift as they scanned me from head to toe.

Finally, on day 9 I was able to make it to a store at 8am, an hour before my next meeting. I picked the first pair of pants and they fit me perfectly.

I took this picture exactly three years ago today in the dressing room to document the before and after look 😂 Until that day I had never really fully appreciated the difference properly fitting trousers can make ☺️

Inside a dressing room of a department store in Poznań in Poland 🇵🇱

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